El Albergue del Padre Pío



The work of Albergue del Padre Pío is collective: its sustainability and permanence depend on the support and commitment of benefactors, volunteers, sponsors, and collaborators who are dedicated to defending childhood and promoting peace.

Join the mission of the shelter and help transform the lives of babies, children, and young people who need protection and love to overcome the violence they have been exposed to since their early years of life. Help them enjoy the benefits of education, healthy food, and optimal family and social life, fundamental rights of every human being.

Donate, as an individual or as a company, regularly or sporadically, in cash or in kind. Your contribution, in whatever form, has a significant impact on the present of each of the people benefited by the shelter, but even more so, on the future of a society that can no longer and should not live under violence.

Who support us

Support from companies, both in kind and with donations, has a ripple effect that benefits everyone.​

Allied Associations

Distinction for companies

Albergue del Padre Pío awards the “Socially Responsible and Profoundly Humane Company” distinction to private sector organizations that contribute to our mission through recurring donations. The institution also opens its doors to employees of the supporting companies to visit the shelter’s children, thus becoming relevant actors in their healthy growth.


Become a change maker

As an individual or from your company, help us put an end to the cycles of violence that undermine the peace and well-being of Mexico.