El Albergue del Padre Pío


The satisfaction of helping

Give hope to children and young people who have experienced the cruelest experiences that human beings can face.

Join as a volunteer and support us with your time, love, and energy in the daily actions of the shelter, all focused on transforming the present and future of children and young people who have been victims of violence, providing specialized psychological, nutritional, medical, and educational attention.

Join this mission with love and joy to give them hope for life and continue to ensure their integrity and dignity as human beings.

Join us!

Bosconian Volunteers

The Bosconian Volunteers are adolescents between the ages of 10 and 17 who perform invaluable and selfless work. Every day, they give a piece of their heart to the girls and boys in need by sharing their time, affection, and love.

The Bosconian Volunteers at Albergue del Padre Pío receive workshops on creative conflict resolution, education for peace, values, and children’s rights with the purpose of contributing fully and integrally to the work of this admirable project.


Become a change maker

As an individual or from your company, help us put an end to the cycles of violence that undermine the peace and well-being of Mexico.